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B. Palm Group, LLC is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the direct selling industry (also referred to as social selling or social commerce). We provide strategic and operational advice to business leaders and focus on business plan development and execution; sales, marketing and digital strategies; infrastructure planning; assessments for turnarounds, and advisory board support services. We work with start-ups, established firms, global conglomerates, and private equity.

What We Do

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

B. Palm Group partners with executive management to create tailor-made solutions grounded in data to challenges associated with growth strategies, stalled or declining sales, new business development, and organizational capabilities. We offer:

  • Strategic advice to start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, and established corporations looking to enter the direct selling industry.
  • Consulting services to veteran direct selling organizations needing fresh perspectives on the consumer experience, the distributor value proposition, improving operational effectiveness, or transformation strategies.


Consulting & Advisory Services

New Entrants & Start-Ups

  • Business Plan Development & Launch Strategies
  • Growth and Financial Modeling
  • Branding Platforms, Positioning
  • Customer Acquisition & Engagement Strategies
  • Sales Force Recruitment & Activation
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Compensation Plan Design
  • Defining Organizational Requirements – Staffing and Competencies
  • On-Demand Tools, Technology, and Training

Established Firms Needing Reenergizing:

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Alignment
  • Tapping New Markets: Identifying and Targeting New Customer Segments
  • Product Innovation and Launch Tactics
  • Improving Sales Force Performance & Retention
  • Improving Competitive Positioning
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Strategic Alliance Opportunities
  • Identifying and Solving Pain Points within the Business Model
  • Reinvigorating the Channel through Social Media & Technology Solutions
  • Improving Operational Effectiveness
  • Developing/Implementing Turnaround or Transformation Strategies

All Firms:

  • Guidance with Change Management
  • How to Stay Appealing, Differentiated and on Vision
  • Strategic Planning, Prioritizing & Sequencing Work
  • Communications Assessment
  • Getting More Infrastructure for Less
  • Interim Executive Leadership
  • Advisor to the CEO and Management Team Board Member

What You Get

Tangible Results

We work alongside company management to develop a plan that makes sense and is able to be executed. Acting with urgency we develop high-impact initiatives that are simple, relevant and intuitively understandable. Clients get forward thinking, constructive and actionable roadmaps that deliver measurable results.

We are independent from any outside interests, which means that our recommendations are objective and take into account only our clients’ best interests.

Growth Through Technology

The core functionality of the social selling model — appealing to people on a personal level, using personal recommendations to influence and affirm buying behavior, and providing motivation and support to build communities — makes the model uniquely poised to grow. Mobile technology, social media, and digital platforms enable new entrants to scale quickly and established firms to micro target consumers.

Social Media

Online customer reviews and social influencers now account for the lion’s share of a company’s brand message and reputation.

E-Commerce Interactions

The social centric approach includes face-to-face and e-commerce interactions, along with flexible work options for individuals to leverage their own networks.

Mobile Technology

The net impact is that consumers get to enjoy an enormous array of options for products, price points, and services that can be accessed anytime and delivered anywhere in the world.

Digital Platforms

Technology also expanded options for entrepreneurial-minded individuals, with attractive alternatives for fractional work. The appeal is that work is done on their schedule and gives the worker more control over their own time.

Who Delivers It

An Expert Team of A-List Talent

B. Palm Group consultants and network are industry pros with years of experience as business leaders. The team’s first hand experience as former operators with leading firms help clients avoid costly unintended consequences resulting from change efforts that don’t work or from following the latest fads. Our engagements are built on a solid foundation, best-in-class practices and boardroom competency.

We are seasoned quick studies that can jump in at any point and get the work done. We are yours for the duration of the engagement and then we bow out when it is over. If needed, we can pivot from a consultancy role and provide interim executive leadership when intervention is necessary or a short-term vacancy exits due to a change in strategy, turnaround or transition. As experienced operators, advisors and mentors we provide a steady hand when inevitable business crises appear on the horizon.

As founder and CEO of B. Palm Group, Betty Palm has delivered revenue and profit goals in a variety of business climates including start-ups, new channel development, fast-growth and turnarounds. She brings broad executive experience crafting well-defined strategic plans that improve operational and financial performance, and has experience in multiple product categories ranging from toys, cosmetics/beauty/fashion/jewelry, home goods/kitchenware/giftware, and food.

Betty is an accomplished executive of the direct selling industry’s leading public and privately held companies including President, Social Selling, New Avon LLC; President, N.A. Tupperware; Executive VP, The Pampered Chef, and was tapped by large consumer giant Mars, Inc. as the executive in charge to lead the development, launch and execution of a new direct selling business unit.

Betty is a past Board Member of the Direct Selling Association and has been a frequent speaker at association meetings.

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B. Palm Group, LLC is headquartered in the Greater NYC Area